Our Values


Win to Win Approach

To be open to change

Being customer-focused

Be Innovative

Focusing on Results

Value Employees

Participation and Sharing

Social Responsibility


Transparency Sensitivity

To be fair

Love and Respect

Respect for the environment


To become the most reliable and high-quality manufacturer of Steering and Suspension Parts on behalf of our customers, colleagues, business partners, suppliers and our country.


To supply the best quality Steering and Suspension Parts

To deliver on time with 100% satisfaction

To operate a clean and safe workplace that protects the environment

To treat our customers and employees with trust and respect

To strive for a level of product quality and service that surpasses expectations


Core Values 

The core of Pars is shaped by the following values:

Value: We sell quality products at competitive prices.

Commitment: We ensure that our products are delivered on time and in good condition.

Safety: Your safety is our concern. Maintaining high quality is our commitment. 

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