Pars Rot ve Rotil

About Us

As a leading manufacturer, PARS ROT VE ROTIL company has been producing high qualified steering and suspension spare parts for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, it has been founded in 1989 and it has supplied acceleration to the sector with the improving institutional structure and fast growing producing power that it has.

Over 5 million items annual producing capacity and 7 thousand product range, and with over 200 employees places PARS ROT VE ROTIL to the position of leadership within the sector in national and also international improving markets.

As one of the varied range steering and suspension parts manufacturer in the world, production and assembling facilities of PARS ROT VE ROTIL contains operations of the following product lines in steering and suspension group for the aftermarket, stabilizer links, tie rod ends, axial joints, ball joints, bushings.

PARS ROT VE ROTIL, is certified under ISO 9001-2015 quality management systems and the products are precisely assembled in our assembly lines and further, are made ready for packing upon final control.

With the philosophy based on being not only a factory but a big family as well, PARS ROT VE ROTIL shows the highest importance for guarding employee satisfaction and social benefits.

We work to become a company that returns promptly to customer requests, stands out with its high product range, quality products and solutions for the automotive spare parts market.


  • 1. Having an understanding that maximizes customer satisfaction.

  • 2. 32 years of experience on automotive spare parts industry.

  • 3. Certificate of ISO 9001:2015

  • 4. Factory is next to biggest port, Logistic Companies and Air Cargo in Istanbul, Turkey

  • 5. High-Tech Machinery, and High-Sustainable Quality

  • 6. Just in time production with scheduled producing program.

  • 7. Competitive and reasonable prices.

  • 8. Fast Costum Regulations.

  • 9. Customer-oriented operating system

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