Within the scope of the content determined by the laws and regulations;

To take the first place in the list of preferred brands in Turkey and the world in the sector with customer-oriented, high-quality, timely production/delivery by ensuring the continuity of employee and customer satisfaction.

To apply the Quality Management system in the best way within the framework of ISO 9001:2015  standards and to continuously improve it by adopting it as all employees,

To disseminate the processes based on the “management principle with goals” with strategic reviews and internal trainings and to prepare the company for the future in this way,

To increase the motivation of our employees and to contribute to their individual development with regularly applied trainings,

To work without compromise within the framework of the occupational health and safety law and to provide the necessary trainings to raise awareness,

Contributing to the development of our suppliers,

To carry out production in awareness of our responsibilities to society and the environment.

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